light a fireA driving force to stay motivated in life is lighting the proverbial match under the ass. Let’s Light It!


Fire Up Your Motivation

Your motivation life, here today and boom has gone tomorrow and you can not for the life of you figure out why. What is going on you keep asking yourself? The drive to stay motivated is the lifeline to your success and keeps the doubters away from you another day, so let’s light that fire under it, Let’s Get You Fired Up!

finding your motivation life

Finding Motivation

You should be able to find multiple imperative facts about motivation in the next paragraphs below. I did my job if you have found at least one fact you did not know before and it’s up to you to try to see if that can make a difference in finding your motivation.

Still seems difficult right now I’m imagining when you’ve lost that drive to keep moving forward when it seems that you have tried it all and still keep failing. People fail for a month than give up, that’s not motivated, I’m sorry to tell you that is straight up Being Lazy! There are times in peoples lives when they want to give up and call it quits because you don’t see results. Look up how many times just a small fraction of success people from athletes to self-made millionaires wanted to give in because after a month they didn’t get what they wanted. It can take years and years to get where they are in life, hell even decades for some! Remember winners never quit and quitters never win, stop the negative talk and move forward with positive self-talk, your motivation life.

The Resources

The resource to obtaining the overall goal in whatever it is you want.resources

How would you feel after setting a goal and accomplishing that goal, but wait it’s not the overall goal it’s just a small goal to get to the bigger goal. Most people will feel ecstatic about accomplishing a goal and it will make them want to move on to the next goal and the next. It’s a tremendous feeling to complete a goal in life, do that for your business make small goals and stop looking at the overall goal. That’s where most people give up they do not see the small accomplishments they are making and quit early on. You need matches or some kind of accelerant to get the fire going right?

Reward Yourself

Let’s say you entered a contest and hmm there are no damn prizes for the winners, would you enter? I don’t think you would because it’s not worth it right? The same thing with doing what you want in life, that goal you set out for only to quit a month into it. You wasted all that time and you are now looking for that next big shiny thing to go after, but ask yourself this how many times have you done that already? Now do you see where I’m going with this, I sure hope so. After you’ve accomplished a small goal towards the larger goal give yourself a reward, maybe go out for some pizza or a steak. The bigger the goals accomplished the bigger your rewards become for yourself. That takes some self-discipline to do that though do you think you have that in your life right now after quitting? The best reward for you is reading and mastering the next goal.

Like-Minded People

You want to succeed you need to surround yourself with like-minded people that have the same objective as you. They can support and encourage you all the way, and that motivation will not go away. The people with the same beliefs and aspirations will be the positivity in your life and vice versa, you drive each other to not give up. On the other hand if you for some odd reason you’d rather not surround yourself the like-minded people and stay around the people who do not care or do not want you to succeed. Those people can trigger you into having negative thoughts and self-doubt about you are trying to accomplish, then again it can be a powerful motivation tool for others. Just a reminder those people that tell you it can not be done are just jealous of what you are trying to accomplish and they wish they had the guts to do it themselves. Don’s let them get you frustrated, and when you do succeed it’ll be okay to kinda rub it in their faces for a minute or two, then set another new goal for yourself and see if they join you.

Your Health

Well, you can’t drop dead now that you have some motivation going again right? Get up early and get a workouthealth in to get your heart pumping, blood circulating and that fresh oxygen in your brain. Once you get done with that you’ll have more motivation to do what is needed to be done during the day and you’ll feel great about it. Just a friendly reminder if you are just starting out consult a doctor first (see the first part of the sentence in this paragraph). Get to bed early because well you are going to start getting up early and if you do both it defeats the entire purpose dang it! You will not be thinking clearly and your tasks for the day will definitely take longer than usual. Don’t become sick because you thought you could continue working your full-time job and work your other goals part-time 24/7 it’s not worth it. Your Motivation Life – Let’s See You Take Control.