What keeps you motivated when you start out in affiliate marketing? A short guide to keep you thinking about your motivation, what is keeping you motivated?

Do What You Love

You do what you love and it will feel like you will never work a day in your life, we’ve all heard that before and it’s so true. When you do what you love you should have no problem staying motivated at all.

The first thing you should have done is picked a niche/market that you are familiar with, maybe a hobby you do after work or on the weekends. Make sure it’s something you have a strong interest in or have a passion for.

Do some research if you are unsure before jumping into something do not waste your valuable time and money getting into something you do not love. I believe this is the number one reason most people fail at internet marketing no passion in it to stay motivated for the long haul and easy for people to just give up when they are not making any money.

Picking a hobby or something your passionate about you’ll be able to create content with ease and you’ll know what you are talking about. The research will be a breeze for you and the website or blog will feel like fun not work.


Motivation will always be there when you set Specific, Manageable, Attainable, Realistic (goals) Timely (see what I did there).

I’m not messing around either building a website or landing page and then adding content is time-consuming and at times hard when you are unsure of what to do. In fact, just building a signing up for an affiliate program is sometimes difficult in itself.

Trust and believe you will not make $256,352 in the first six months like some programs promise, but it is possible to make something in the first month, just don’t get your hopes up.

Set small goals for yourself each day you are going to work on your program or system or whatever the case is and use SMART.

The first goal can be.

  • setup your website
  • sign-up and get approved for an affiliate program
  • write your first post and publish it
  • advertise
  • get indexed on Google
  • get listed someplace on page 1 (hopefully #1)

Next thing you know you’ll have that first sale and an even bigger sense of accomplishment motivating you even more than ever. Just remember not to spend that money you’ll most likely need to reinvest it.

Find Like Minded People

Yes, I’m telling you to find the competition they can be very supportive and helpful to you while you are starting your venture and you may even be grateful for it.

Find a Facebook group or a forum group online that you can bounce ideas off of and ask for some help when you need it. Affiliate marketing groups are plentiful, and you may even find people that live in the same city as you.

I personally meet up with a couple of people at Starbucks once a week they are not in the same niche as myself but we talk about SEO and advertising. I am also in a group called Wealthy Affiliate that most of my sites are build on. The community of people there are all helpful and no one is spamming you with all their offers like Facebook groups and affiliate forums you may find, it’s all genuine help from people that want you to succeed in your business.

The best like-minded people for support for you is your family and friends. Having a significant other, friend or child to help you along is the motivation all in its self and a great way for family and friends to bond or grow closer to each other most importantly you won’t give it up that easily.

Give Yourself a Break

When you feel like you are going to give up don’t! Take a step back and give yourself a break. Taking a step back go to the beach, go for a hike go and do whatever it is your passion is all about.

It’s so that you may even get another idea or remember something you missed that may have gotten you stuck in the first place. The best idea’s come when you are not even thinking about it or you may even be doing it when it hits, after all, it should be based off something you love right.?

Get up to do something else after you accomplished one your goals, go eat, take the dog for a walk ya know something preferably healthy. It clears your mind and you’ll be refreshed ready to tackle the next goal on your list.

Why You Do This Again?

You got into this for a reason I think we started with this but here are some reasons why people do;

  • No more 9 to 5 job
  • more money
  • go on vacation
  • new car
  • prepare for retirement

Some people have other reasons for doing this and this page is for motivation not just for other internet marketers but for all people who need a little inspiration and motivation in their life. So whether you got into affiliate marketing for a goal in life or the dream of making some big-time money how are you going to do it? Remind yourself each and every day of that goal and make it a constant reminder for yourself. Maybe getting into the store here and buying a poster, or notepad or a book, yes I just shamelessly plugged my own site, after all, I have my own goals and motivations for doing this.

Never be afraid to contact me if you have a story of your own motivation or lack thereof please feel free to send in here your story and yes with your link attached to your story maybe someone is looking for something you may be offering and that can be the start you may have been looking for.