This is an absolute zero cost 7-day trial, no credit card required, no risk and you keep the two sites.

Paycheck to Paycheck

Conform to what everyone else does and continue to live from paycheck to paycheck? I’m serious keep doing what you’re doing or you can read on and see what I’m going to write about that may at the very least get you a hundred or couple hundred extra per month.

What You Get

I’m talking about taking a 7-day all access free trial and see what I might be talking about. You get 2 free sites under SiteRubix (WordPress) sites with multiple free themes to choose from.

Let’s get started on this quick review and explain what exactly the free version of Wealthy Affiliate entails.

1. Getting Started a guide to what WA has to offer and then some. All the series of training explained from building your own niche site to promoting Wealthy Affiliate. The two starter sites you get well, there it is.

2. Jaaxy, an advanced keyword search tool for the first 7-days, it’s limited to 30 searches, when you upgrade it is unlimited with a lot of tools available (i.e. Site ranking, alphabet soup, related keywords etc…).

3. The sites are on WordPress user-friendly for starters and with WA support both technical and members you can not mess up even if you are not tech savvy.

4. Members are a family in WA you can ask questions or search for them and you’ll get the help you need, no questions asked. Great realistic training from other members of the site on just about any topic.

5. After the 7-days are complete you no longer have access to the free chat which I did not mention above (sorry about that). The training well you only had access to 4 if my memory serves me correctly.

What Do You Want?

What is it that you want to do, again, I ask do you want to conform to that job and live paycheck to paycheck or do something that you love?

You can start a blog on really anything you want to make money on. Whatever your passion maybe you can make money on it.

Affiliate programs are abundant on the internet and no you may not make millions of dollars, but wouldn’t a couple of hundred dollars a month help you out or a couple thousand?

Passive Money

You know what’s cool about affiliate marketing it can become passive money once you get enough content on your site. Passive money now how good would that be? Seriously, ask yourself, would you want passive money?

Just imagine if your 20 years old right now and start this while you’re in college or doing an apprenticeship. You kept consistent at this with something you love and you build one then two, then three or more sites that can earn a couple of hundred dollars per month or maybe even a couple thousand per month. Now I want you to do the math, maybe three sites 3 years down the road consistently making oh let’s say $1000 per month because you’re still going to school or haven’t put the time or effort. Did you do the math I made it simple, that’s an extra 36,000 a year putting little effort into a site.

Age Makes No Difference

Let’s say you’re my age at 40 when I started this online journey and you kept buying those crap programs from all those other marketers that promised you this and promised you that. All to receive a wealth of nothing, until you bought that upsell that promised you’d be making $1,000’s in 24-hours to 6-months LOL. Sorry for laughing, but like I said I was one of those people until I finally found Wealthy Affiliate.

No matter your age, no matter the technical skills you have this can work for you. Not convinced show this to your high school-aged kid and see how soon they start making money with Wealthy Affiliate.

You choose something you love “a niche” basketball, baseball, working out, books, gardening, dogs, whatever you want!
Build your site for free you get two of them! Start two sites with whatever you want!  Why am I yelling?

Do What You Love

Write about what you love, why did you start this site? Continue writing about it and follow the training to learn how to rank your site. Rank your site? When you type in the keywords to your articles people find you on Google or Bing or Yahoo it’s that simple. Just need to follow the training.

It’s simple, so simple a caveman can do it.  (Can I use that?)

Try the Wealthy Affiliate 7-day Trial and let me know what you think. High school kids try wealthy affiliate. Middle-aged mom’s dad’s looking for extra income try it out. Stay at home mom and dad’s try out. Retired and want a hobby, try Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t do the easy thing and conform to what you think you should do, what you been taught or what you been told you need to do. Want to continue with that weekly, bi-weekly paycheck or become financially independent with a program you started out doing for free.

My two-cents on Wealthy Affiliate.