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What Is Your Motivation

The Conversion Pros Review – New Features No UpCharge

The Conversion Pros brought out some new features and no upcharge same price as it has always been. I’ll review the features and then some.

Name: The Conversion Pros

Website: www.theconversionpros.com

Price: 7-day free trial, then $50/month after that*

Owners: David Dubbs

What is The Conversion Pros

The Conversion Pros is a program that is used by any Internet Marketer i.e. affiliate marketing, selling your own products, Multi-Level Marketers anyone looking to make money on the internet or build some type of contact list you would like to email over and over. You can “build your list” and have that list last for a long time, build your following for people to see your information or opportunities you are presenting. For a long time, it has been said that you need to constantly build a list of followers who can look at your information or opportunity, this system can help you be successful online in the long term. The best way to do this is to have your own “capture page” and “autoresponder.”

There are many systems to assist you in building a good marketing system as shown here in this graphic that you can use if you want to create your capture page. And there are many systems to use if you want to create an autoresponder. You need to be creative in building these capture pages have the right ad copy in there or attention-grabbing graphic or video inserted for people to sign up to your opportunity or information. Without further ado, here is The Conversion Pros Review.

However, these systems you used to create your capture page and autoresponder do not bring in leads for you, you have to get them yourself or pay for them! Just needed to mention that part here.

New Feature – Drag and Drop Editor

The drag and drop editor is very easy to use and lets you build a page exactly the way you want it and if you make a mistake simply delete the mistake and retry it is whatever you had going. This will be better explained by one of the owners and the face of The Conversion Pros (David Dubbs) in this video below and plus you can see how it works firsthand. I personally love using this feature due to how easy it is then again the whole system is so dang simple.



New Feature – The TCP App

The Conversion Pros App, now this feature blows a lot of programs out of the water just with this feature alone. It is simple and basic, you download the app from the Play Store or the Apple Store (currently in BETA apple store as of this review). When, someone enters their information onto one of your capture pages you automatically receive a notification on your phone. For the Multi-Level Marketer, this app is a valued tool more than the $50.00 a month TCP charges you. Notifications are almost instantaneous when I tested this, again a marketers dream.

TCP Autoresponder – Not a New

First off I will not go through all of The Conversion Pros features, well because there is way too many to go over. The “autoresponder” yes this is build into the $50.00 a month you are being charged. Other, marketing funnel systems will make you purchase an autoresponder that will work with their system. TCP offers their own or you can bring in your own if you for some odd reason choose to bring your own in. People use multiple systems and are sometimes used to certain things and it is fine to integrate your own autoresponder if you are comfortable doing that. The only thing is, there does not seem to be a way to embed an autoresponder opt-in form onto your blog. Everything is set up to create squeeze page marketing funnels and nothing else. There are work around’s and you can ask people in The Conversion Pros Facebook page where more than likely the owner David will give you a response himself to help.

All In One Toolbox – The Conversion Pros Review

Training is provided in The Conversion Pros tools in fact it’s all recored so you can watch what David does step by step. He offers great support in the Facebook support page which you will have access to and all the trainings are provided in there as well. The conversion pros capture page creator

You can also share your pages and/or email series with others that may be in the same niche as you. They could be your sponsors that are making money and why would they not want to share with you? When you make money they make money it’s a win win for multi-level marketing.

  • Lead Auto-dialer – Upload your leads and the software will call them.
  • The conversion pros auto-responderTiny URL Creator – Make your long links short. (Google likes it)
  • Capture Page Creator – Learn how to build a capture page.
  • Marketing Videos – Create marketing videos of yourself.
  • Invoice Creator – Create custom invoices to send to your customers
  • Mobile Site Builder – Create a mobile website to use as a virtual business card.
  • Voice Message Broadcaster – Record a message and send it to all of your lead’s phone numbers.
  • And more…

There is a TON of marketing that goes into this, so it will take some very hard work to build your network up and become successful.

The Conversion Pros Affiliate Program – Did I Mention Money

The compensation plan is as simple as they come and you get paid weekly, every Friday like clock work. A person signs up under you and you receive $25.00 out of the $50.00 they pay. Yes, that simple no 2nd tiers no 3rd tiers, the more people you bring in under you the more you make. Lets review this. Bring in 10 people you make $250.00, bring in 25 people you make $625.00, bring in 100 people you make $2500.00, get the picture of this compensation plan? Bring in 500 people you make 25×500=$12,500.00. Bring in 3 people during your first 7 days (your free trial your making $25.00 when you decide to upgrade. FYI those 3 people need to be paying members as well.

My Take

Great program excellent for begginers, lots of tools for one low inexpensive price. Great affiliate program to get you started. The training is top notch and David is a wealth of information for all types of marketers. I give this program a solid 4 out of 5 stars here.

Back to basics and before you can even get started with TCP you need to find your own niche and build your own website. When you use a companies generic website you have no control of what goes in it or how the products are shown. My advice for you is to start out with Wealthy Affiliate and ultimately the choice is yours. If you don’t have a product or opportunity to promote then you could always promote the TCP system and make money with their affiliate program, wealthy affiliate also has their own affiliate program as well.

Please leave your comments below and look out for other affiliate program reviews and please have a look at our Store tab you may find something that can motivate you or another. Thanks and wishing you all the best in your efforts.






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