We are everywhere around the world! Billions of People, Like Minded People.

It’s Important

I want to introduce you to how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded people.

I briefly touched on this in “Your Motivation Life” about why it is important and I’ll go just a little deeper today.

When we consistently surround ourselves with like-minded people we receive and give motivation to one another, it’s a give and take with each other. We also need to watch out for burn-out and that will be another article in the near future. What I mean is we all have different hobbies in life or organizations that we belong to that separate from each other.

Why Different Groups

We do not want to get burned out always working on that one thing. Let’s face it, that’s being obsessive and sometimes that’s very unhealthy for us. Taking a breather from what you love is a good thing, trust me it is. Let me tell you why I know and then I’ll move on if you have not read My Motivation’s blog yet I’m an addict and alcoholic so I know a thing or two about being obsessed with things. Back to different groups, find a hobby most people love to work out, other’s like to cook, some like to eat. I can go on and on about other hobbies people have in life since there are literally millions, hell billions of them. It’s up to you to find something else that can help fill your day for an hour, or maybe the weekend and get back to life refreshed. I personally have a couple things in life my dog being one of them her name is Ella, but not like you care. I know there are plenty of groups all over the world to get you motivated about other things. When you find something you like then stick with it, it’ll help in the long run.

Happy People

Did I happen to mention making sure that these people are happy? Yeah, that’s actually kind of important to you since you want to stay motivated in life. Have you ever noticed how happy people seem to make you happy as well, when people laugh you laugh when people smile you smile, that’s what life is all about and should be all about. Happy people seem to genuinely care about you and what you do in life as well. Genuine people are really hard to come by in this day and age, but when you around people that are working towards the same thing as you are you’ll be surrounded by them. Happy people, the ones you would want to keep in your life.


An environment is what you make of it plain and simple, no matter where you are from, or who you are. When you are motivated to do something nothing should stop you. Only you can determine who and what you can become in life. You need to have a dream first, of what you want in life or what you want to become it is just as simple as that. When you are in an environment favorable or not surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help you succeed in those dreams and goals you’ve created for yourselves. Those people you associate with to make the changes, you will help them as well make their dreams and goals come true, how freaking cool is that?! It’s like college, pro football teams, soccer teams (the other football). One goal one mission No Matter where you are or where you come from.


If you want to stay motivated in life continue to have the inspiration around you, surround yourself with people who share your goals or who have already achieved them. Start networking with others, the people that share the same dreams, the mentors who have already done it.

The people that do not believe in you whether it be individuals that think you will fail or just give you negativity, I highly suggest you get rid of those people. Let the people who bring value into your life in, let them make an impact on your goals and keep you motivated doing what you love. Stick with the winners, the innovators, the thinkers, and the people who will listen to you when you need them the most. Surround Yourself – Like Minded People will teach you a lot about yourself.