Getting Things Done

You can’t finish when you don’t get things done, get started now.

Where to Start

You need to get things done for your business but seem to be overwhelmed and do not know where to start. First things first write things down, even the most seasoned vet’s in any business will write down what needs to be done throughout the day, the week, the month and sometimes even the year. When you are just starting out, let’s just start you out for the day. It takes 3 minutes to do, not hard and make it one of the very first things you do in the morning. Writing things down you’ll be more focused on what’s needed to be done. Oh, and at the end of that write down your motivation, you are why you started this in the first place. Be SMART.

Now Relax

Take a moment to relax before you start on your affiliate project you’ll get things done when you are relaxed grab a cup of tea and get going. Meditation, working out or whatever it is that you do to relax try to do it before

Relax Meditation


jumping into your project. The less stress you have going on will benefit the time you put into affiliate business by being more productive. When you feel even a bit of stress or loss of motivation, take a break no need to push through just give yourself a break. Just Relax.

New Toys

Get yourself a new notepad to take some notes, a new mug for your desk those types of things usually give people a little more motivation to get things done. Ooh, maybe a new pen, yes I said pen I’m actually using mine tonight to take some notes for new idea’s as I write this. Get some things to help you get organized whether it be a new app to help you stay organized or your old school and need a new file cabinet or some folders, whatever can get you motivated to get things done. Splurge a Little.


Being proactive means you are making things happen, getting things done. Take some responsibility for your business after all you started it doesn’t turn around and give saying “it’s just to hard” don’t do that to your dream you can’t kill your dream because you are not motivated or not sure what to do next. Here is an affiliate program that has hundreds of thousands active users who help each other every day. Wealthy Affiliate will actually take you step by step on how to get things done in an efficient manner. I am giving you the tools to get you to have no excuses and start doing what needs to be done in your online business.

Now Stop

Yeah, I said stop, let me finish though. Stop messing around and Get Things Done seriously. This journey started because you wanted or still want something out of your business or just life itself. Did you lose your motivation to get things done, did you forget your why? You found this site for a reason and it’s supposed to be for some motivation. Tell me what your motivation is in life or what your work goals are what you’re passionate about. This brings me to the last part of the quote whatever is happening to you, can not be an excuse for not working to better yourself. You cannot fix you when you do not put any effort into you.

Write us a little blurb include your link to your business and get some exposure yourself here.