What’s the old saying, “An Apple A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away”

You’ll Thank Yourself

Doing something today to benefit your future self is something we must have all heard in the past and did we do anything when we heard that? My guess is no maybe that’s why you are currently on this page right now. First thing first you need to decide what you want to do with yourself, what do you want to be? Choose an identity and you can get started, maybe you have already chosen and just don’t know how to move forward. You need to start making choices in your life big or small, right or wrong just make a choice to move. We are dissatisfied with what has become of our careers and are ready to make a change. Maybe you don’t want to start over again and people are calling you crazy for thinking it, doing it, hell you’re calling yourself crazy for thinking it at this point. People have fear or become scared, you know what screw that! Make the change and get started making a decision get excited about life again! You put it off another day and your dream may be pushed back another YEAR because YOU did not make a decision in your life. Do something today to benefit your future self, you’ll thank yourself later.

Never Stop Learning

I have heard listening audiobooks makes you smarter, and depending on the books you can is equivalent to a Masters Degree. Yes, I know who told you that sh*t. It increases your intellect as well (think I missed that one) increases your recall and a great way to fill time while doing daily chores around the home. Did you know some of the most successful people in the world read books daily! Those are the people that are learning new skills and changing how things are done around the world. CEO’s of billion dollar companies are reading for new skill sets in life and in business. The reason I put audiobooks is that people (myself included) hate reading books, but when someone else is reading to us we can absorb more especially while we are driving (just pay attention to the road please). You need to take in the information you are listening to learn what is being read or it just will not work you. You need to understand it and apply what you are listening to make it work. When you do not understand a word or phrase go back and look it up so you do understand what is being read to you, do that for anything you don’t understand. A good vocabulary will be your best friend in the future and help with communicating with others in life and your business affairs. Read what you want to become in life start out small and grow, your future self will love you for it.


Pretty sure I have mentioned this before in previous posts around here. Specific, be specific about the goals you want to achieve in life. Measurable, you want to be able to see the progress being made in your goals this will give you more motivation to keep moving forward or you’ll be able to see where you are stuck and ask for help (yes ask for help). Attainable, make small attainable goals that will get you to the overall goal or dream that you desire or want in life, shoot for the moon, but build the damn rocket first and foremost (now where to steal those blueprints from SpaceX). Realistic, well shooting for the moon is unrealistic (except for Elon) but we need to set some realistic small goals first. You need to buy a domain name, do the research first what keywords will go with the name does the grammar flow, is it short enough and memorable? Timely, you can find that domain name you want in a day if you are self-disciplined, doing the research and all that other jazz can be done in a day, think we talked about self-discipline already also. Being SMART will go along way in the future.


Again this goes back to self-discipline, creating habits to benefit your goals in life is key to peoples success, look back at those men and women reading books. Look back at the values people grew up with and change as they become an adult in life and life circumstances. Don’t waste your life looking back, continue to look forward only you can change see where you are going. The bad habits that we have to need to be broken and new good habits should replace them. It will not happen overnight and not all of them at once, start slow start on the small easily breakable habits i.e. drinking soda, going to bed at 11 or 11:30, replace the tv show with hmm reading a book.

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What Do Successful People Do

It all comes to down to what we just discussed above and there are plenty more that can be discussed in depth. Fact is all the can be there own post down the future (in fact they will be). Find a person that you would want to be like and model that person do what they have done to become successful in life and in work (remember do what you love, then it’s not work). Remember success and failure, the success cannot happen without the failure don’t give up on yourself (look at Michael Jordon). Make a list of your goals every morning for that day and the overall goal at the bottom you’ll start to see the results of your hard work. Yes, this is what successful people do, day in and day out. Again Do Something Today – To Benefit Your Future. You will not regret doing any of it when the dreams are made and the goals are reached.