Wealthy Affiliate 7 Day Trial

This is an absolute zero cost 7-day trial, no credit card required, no risk and you keep the two sites.

Paycheck to Paycheck

Conform to what everyone else does and continue to live from paycheck to paycheck? I’m serious keep doing what you’re doing or you can read on and see what I’m going to write about that may at the very least get you a hundred or couple hundred extra per month.

What You Get

I’m talking about taking a 7-day all access free trial and see what I might be talking about. You get 2 free sites under SiteRubix (WordPress) sites with multiple free themes to choose from.

Let’s get started on this quick review and explain what exactly the free version of Wealthy Affiliate entails.

1. Getting Started a guide to what WA has to offer and then some. All the series of training explained from building your own niche site to promoting Wealthy Affiliate. The two starter sites you get well, there it is.

2. Jaaxy, an advanced keyword search tool for the first 7-days, it’s limited to 30 searches, when you upgrade it is unlimited with a lot of tools available (i.e. Site ranking, alphabet soup, related keywords etc…).

3. The sites are on WordPress user-friendly for starters and with WA support both technical and members you can not mess up even if you are not tech savvy.

4. Members are a family in WA you can ask questions or search for them and you’ll get the help you need, no questions asked. Great realistic training from other members of the site on just about any topic.

5. After the 7-days are complete you no longer have access to the free chat which I did not mention above (sorry about that). The training well you only had access to 4 if my memory serves me correctly.

What Do You Want?

What is it that you want to do, again, I ask do you want to conform to that job and live paycheck to paycheck or do something that you love?

You can start a blog on really anything you want to make money on. Whatever your passion maybe you can make money on it.

Affiliate programs are abundant on the internet and no you may not make millions of dollars, but wouldn’t a couple of hundred dollars a month help you out or a couple thousand?

Passive Money

You know what’s cool about affiliate marketing it can become passive money once you get enough content on your site. Passive money now how good would that be? Seriously, ask yourself, would you want passive money?

Just imagine if your 20 years old right now and start this while you’re in college or doing an apprenticeship. You kept consistent at this with something you love and you build one then two, then three or more sites that can earn a couple of hundred dollars per month or maybe even a couple thousand per month. Now I want you to do the math, maybe three sites 3 years down the road consistently making oh let’s say $1000 per month because you’re still going to school or haven’t put the time or effort. Did you do the math I made it simple, that’s an extra 36,000 a year putting little effort into a site.

Age Makes No Difference

Let’s say you’re my age at 40 when I started this online journey and you kept buying those crap programs from all those other marketers that promised you this and promised you that. All to receive a wealth of nothing, until you bought that upsell that promised you’d be making $1,000’s in 24-hours to 6-months LOL. Sorry for laughing, but like I said I was one of those people until I finally found Wealthy Affiliate.

No matter your age, no matter the technical skills you have this can work for you. Not convinced show this to your high school-aged kid and see how soon they start making money with Wealthy Affiliate.

You choose something you love “a niche” basketball, baseball, working out, books, gardening, dogs, whatever you want!
Build your site for free you get two of them! Start two sites with whatever you want!  Why am I yelling?

Do What You Love

Write about what you love, why did you start this site? Continue writing about it and follow the training to learn how to rank your site. Rank your site? When you type in the keywords to your articles people find you on Google or Bing or Yahoo it’s that simple. Just need to follow the training.

It’s simple, so simple a caveman can do it.  (Can I use that?)

Try the Wealthy Affiliate 7-day Trial and let me know what you think. High school kids try wealthy affiliate. Middle-aged mom’s dad’s looking for extra income try it out. Stay at home mom and dad’s try out. Retired and want a hobby, try Wealthy Affiliate.

Don’t do the easy thing and conform to what you think you should do, what you been taught or what you been told you need to do. Want to continue with that weekly, bi-weekly paycheck or become financially independent with a program you started out doing for free.

My two-cents on Wealthy Affiliate.

My Wealthy Affiliate Review 2019

Wealthy Affiliate why everyone is talking about it and those two Canadians

Can Wealthy Affiliate Make You Rich?

I know. You are probably already shaking your head in disbelief. It’s a common reaction thanks to all the scams and fake multi-level programs online “designed to change your life.” Sure, some of them do deliver on that promise by changing your life for the worse. However, the Wealthy Affiliate program is somewhat different than that.

Still shaking your head? I don’t blame you. It’s a dangerous obstacle course to navigate – trying to make a few extra bucks online. So, don’t follow the lies and that’s why I’m going to take a closer look at Wealthy Affiliate. I’m not going to tell you that you need to join. I’m not going to tell you that it’ll make you rich. I’m just going to tell you what it is.

The rest is up to you.

1 – What The Heck Is Wealthy Affiliate?

Good question. It’s essentially a group of people just like you who have gathered online to better themselves. This is done through a series of ‘teachings’ that help you to earn certifications that prepare you for starting your very own online business. I’ll get into that in some more detail but Wealthy Affiliate is built around support where you always have access to assistance. What other work from home business has this? I mean really it’s 24-hours a day for crying out loud.


2 – What Does It Cost To Join Wealthy Affiliate?

Okay, if you’ve gotten this far, let me warn you that this particular point can be considered both a pro and a con, depending on how you look at it. There is no fee to join the starter program zilch, nada, nothing $0.00. (Click here to join that) There is also $49.00 per month to upgrade the first month is $19.00. The new option just introduced last year $234 for 6-months a 20% off. Then the yearly option of $359 for 39% off. There, I said it still think it’s a scam? Well, with a Wealthy Affiliate free website (you actually get two) you can find for yourself the answer to the question, “Does Wealthy Affiliate work?” This is what you get you when you upgrade to premium, not bad right?

3 – What Do You Mean By A Support Network?

Yah. That’s one I would consider a huge pro especially when you’re just starting out. There’s a community of Wealthy Affiliate members online that you can chat with at any time, I love Live Chat and there is usually someone online that can answer your question or will direct you to someone that can help. These are people just like you and me but with experience in marketing, building sites, SEO, graphics, writing they are all here. With everyone’s great insight it is virtually impossible not to be successful in whatever niche you choose. You can ask a question in a blog and gather a bunch of different answers from everyone and choose or put together something that will work for you.

4 – What Exactly Can You Learn With Wealthy Affiliate.

I was going to get to this part. New members are encouraged to participate in the Online Entrepreneur Certification Course. Oh and the Affiliate Bootcamp more trainings to help you succeed in all this online world of websites making money. The training is second to none and is in modules that include fresh videos and written tutorials. Think of it as an online classroom without the noise and annoying teacher at the front of the room. You learn at your own pace in your pajamas. Live training with a replay of them all  (as long as you are a premium member). The training here is (I’m showing my age here) totally awesome! Again take a look for yourself don’t take my word for it.


5 – How Do You Make Money With Wealthy Affiliate?

Again, I knew this one was coming. What you learn is fairly basic in today’s world of the internet. You learn how to start your own free website on any topic you like (niche). They then teach you how to bring traffic (SEO) to that website and turn a blog on that website into a source of significant revenue(affiliate links from your niche). It sounds pretty easy, but this course teaches you the secrets that will show you how to do it! It’s not going to guarantee you make money because that all depends on how motivated you are. Basically, you are going to get what you put into it, plain and simple no magic formula like all those other people promise you. It’s a multi-billion dollar per year industry. Also one of the cheapest ways to do this with no black hat tricks or any of that chuck that will get you banned on Google.

6 – How Did Wealthy Affiliate Come About?

Well, trust a couple of eager Canadians to come up with this plan. It was back in 2005 when the pair, Carson and Kyle, started the program. They originally created a database of highly-searched keywords for use in Pay-Per-Click campaigns. They observed many online entrepreneurs fail from the so-called get-rich-quick online scams that flooded the internet.

So, with that knowledge and a desire to ‘teach’ ways to use the internet as a means to generate honest, legal streams of income, the direction of Wealthy Affiliate shifted. Now it is an online training portal that has already assisted thousands of people who are currently making more money than they ever imagined and more and more people are doing it every day. They unlocked the secrets of the Wealthy Affiliate along with Jaaxy they just make things easy for everyone that joins. More about Jaaxy here.

7 – The Pros And Cons

Here are the nuts and bolts of all this. I can tell you just about anything I want that I’ve pulled out of the latest Wealthy Affiliate review 2019, but why don’t I just give you a list of the good, the bad and the ugly so you can weigh it out yourself? Here it is:


It’s free well at least before you upgrade to premium which you don’t have to by the way.

Jaaxy free online keyword research tool and well it’s much more.

There are real people out there ready to give you advice and mentoring. In the community, you become a member of live chat rooms where you can get answers.

You are going to learn some pretty cool stuff. That’s because there is an ongoing updated system of teaching that will help guide you into the world of affiliate marketing.


It’s free to join and you have limited access to the training, but you still get two websites at the end of the process that you can use to generate income. Why is that a con? It’s not, but the word ‘free’ sometimes spooks people yet I used it here.

There are great people who will chat with you in the community. If you are a skeptic you may think these are people getting paid to be encouraging, but they aren’t, well actually they are their making money on their own sites and are just paying it forward to the newbies.

In Conclusion

Is Wealthy Affiliate a scam? Based on all the facts presented here, it’s hard to find a way to pin the word ‘scam’ on the program. If it costs a few thousand dollars to start, maybe you could say that but Wealthy Affiliate is basically a no-risk opportunity where you will learn how to turn the talents you already have into a source of legitimate income with a few internet tricks. It’s really that simple but don’t take my word for it. Sign up today, try it out. Think of a niche something you know something you love and it’ll be even easier. I’ll be reviewing more of Wealthy Affiliate and in-depth for now this is it and once you’re in stop by and say hello to “directJ” and thanks for your time.



Do Something Today – To Benefit Your Future

What’s the old saying, “An Apple A Day Will Keep The Doctor Away”

You’ll Thank Yourself

Doing something today to benefit your future self is something we must have all heard in the past and did we do anything when we heard that? My guess is no maybe that’s why you are currently on this page right now. First thing first you need to decide what you want to do with yourself, what do you want to be? Choose an identity and you can get started, maybe you have already chosen and just don’t know how to move forward. You need to start making choices in your life big or small, right or wrong just make a choice to move. We are dissatisfied with what has become of our careers and are ready to make a change. Maybe you don’t want to start over again and people are calling you crazy for thinking it, doing it, hell you’re calling yourself crazy for thinking it at this point. People have fear or become scared, you know what screw that! Make the change and get started making a decision get excited about life again! You put it off another day and your dream may be pushed back another YEAR because YOU did not make a decision in your life. Do something today to benefit your future self, you’ll thank yourself later.

Never Stop Learning

I have heard listening audiobooks makes you smarter, and depending on the books you can is equivalent to a Masters Degree. Yes, I know who told you that sh*t. It increases your intellect as well (think I missed that one) increases your recall and a great way to fill time while doing daily chores around the home. Did you know some of the most successful people in the world read books daily! Those are the people that are learning new skills and changing how things are done around the world. CEO’s of billion dollar companies are reading for new skill sets in life and in business. The reason I put audiobooks is that people (myself included) hate reading books, but when someone else is reading to us we can absorb more especially while we are driving (just pay attention to the road please). You need to take in the information you are listening to learn what is being read or it just will not work you. You need to understand it and apply what you are listening to make it work. When you do not understand a word or phrase go back and look it up so you do understand what is being read to you, do that for anything you don’t understand. A good vocabulary will be your best friend in the future and help with communicating with others in life and your business affairs. Read what you want to become in life start out small and grow, your future self will love you for it.


Pretty sure I have mentioned this before in previous posts around here. Specific, be specific about the goals you want to achieve in life. Measurable, you want to be able to see the progress being made in your goals this will give you more motivation to keep moving forward or you’ll be able to see where you are stuck and ask for help (yes ask for help). Attainable, make small attainable goals that will get you to the overall goal or dream that you desire or want in life, shoot for the moon, but build the damn rocket first and foremost (now where to steal those blueprints from SpaceX). Realistic, well shooting for the moon is unrealistic (except for Elon) but we need to set some realistic small goals first. You need to buy a domain name, do the research first what keywords will go with the name does the grammar flow, is it short enough and memorable? Timely, you can find that domain name you want in a day if you are self-disciplined, doing the research and all that other jazz can be done in a day, think we talked about self-discipline already also. Being SMART will go along way in the future.


Again this goes back to self-discipline, creating habits to benefit your goals in life is key to peoples success, look back at those men and women reading books. Look back at the values people grew up with and change as they become an adult in life and life circumstances. Don’t waste your life looking back, continue to look forward only you can change see where you are going. The bad habits that we have to need to be broken and new good habits should replace them. It will not happen overnight and not all of them at once, start slow start on the small easily breakable habits i.e. drinking soda, going to bed at 11 or 11:30, replace the tv show with hmm reading a book.

Content goes here.

What Do Successful People Do

It all comes to down to what we just discussed above and there are plenty more that can be discussed in depth. Fact is all the can be there own post down the future (in fact they will be). Find a person that you would want to be like and model that person do what they have done to become successful in life and in work (remember do what you love, then it’s not work). Remember success and failure, the success cannot happen without the failure don’t give up on yourself (look at Michael Jordon). Make a list of your goals every morning for that day and the overall goal at the bottom you’ll start to see the results of your hard work. Yes, this is what successful people do, day in and day out. Again Do Something Today – To Benefit Your Future. You will not regret doing any of it when the dreams are made and the goals are reached.





Surround Yourself – Like Minded People

We are everywhere around the world! Billions of People, Like Minded People.

It’s Important

I want to introduce you to how important it is to surround yourself with like-minded people.

I briefly touched on this in “Your Motivation Life” about why it is important and I’ll go just a little deeper today.

When we consistently surround ourselves with like-minded people we receive and give motivation to one another, it’s a give and take with each other. We also need to watch out for burn-out and that will be another article in the near future. What I mean is we all have different hobbies in life or organizations that we belong to that separate from each other.

Why Different Groups

We do not want to get burned out always working on that one thing. Let’s face it, that’s being obsessive and sometimes that’s very unhealthy for us. Taking a breather from what you love is a good thing, trust me it is. Let me tell you why I know and then I’ll move on if you have not read My Motivation’s blog yet I’m an addict and alcoholic so I know a thing or two about being obsessed with things. Back to different groups, find a hobby most people love to work out, other’s like to cook, some like to eat. I can go on and on about other hobbies people have in life since there are literally millions, hell billions of them. It’s up to you to find something else that can help fill your day for an hour, or maybe the weekend and get back to life refreshed. I personally have a couple things in life my dog being one of them her name is Ella, but not like you care. I know there are plenty of groups all over the world to get you motivated about other things. When you find something you like then stick with it, it’ll help in the long run.

Happy People

Did I happen to mention making sure that these people are happy? Yeah, that’s actually kind of important to you since you want to stay motivated in life. Have you ever noticed how happy people seem to make you happy as well, when people laugh you laugh when people smile you smile, that’s what life is all about and should be all about. Happy people seem to genuinely care about you and what you do in life as well. Genuine people are really hard to come by in this day and age, but when you around people that are working towards the same thing as you are you’ll be surrounded by them. Happy people, the ones you would want to keep in your life.


An environment is what you make of it plain and simple, no matter where you are from, or who you are. When you are motivated to do something nothing should stop you. Only you can determine who and what you can become in life. You need to have a dream first, of what you want in life or what you want to become it is just as simple as that. When you are in an environment favorable or not surrounding yourself with like-minded people will help you succeed in those dreams and goals you’ve created for yourselves. Those people you associate with to make the changes, you will help them as well make their dreams and goals come true, how freaking cool is that?! It’s like college, pro football teams, soccer teams (the other football). One goal one mission No Matter where you are or where you come from.


If you want to stay motivated in life continue to have the inspiration around you, surround yourself with people who share your goals or who have already achieved them. Start networking with others, the people that share the same dreams, the mentors who have already done it.

The people that do not believe in you whether it be individuals that think you will fail or just give you negativity, I highly suggest you get rid of those people. Let the people who bring value into your life in, let them make an impact on your goals and keep you motivated doing what you love. Stick with the winners, the innovators, the thinkers, and the people who will listen to you when you need them the most. Surround Yourself – Like Minded People will teach you a lot about yourself.







Your Motivation Life – Light A Fire Under It

light a fire

light a fireA driving force to stay motivated in life is lighting the proverbial match under the ass. Let’s Light It!


Fire Up Your Motivation

Your motivation life, here today and boom has gone tomorrow and you can not for the life of you figure out why. What is going on you keep asking yourself? The drive to stay motivated is the lifeline to your success and keeps the doubters away from you another day, so let’s light that fire under it, Let’s Get You Fired Up!

finding your motivation life

Finding Motivation

You should be able to find multiple imperative facts about motivation in the next paragraphs below. I did my job if you have found at least one fact you did not know before and it’s up to you to try to see if that can make a difference in finding your motivation.

Still seems difficult right now I’m imagining when you’ve lost that drive to keep moving forward when it seems that you have tried it all and still keep failing. People fail for a month than give up, that’s not motivated, I’m sorry to tell you that is straight up Being Lazy! There are times in peoples lives when they want to give up and call it quits because you don’t see results. Look up how many times just a small fraction of success people from athletes to self-made millionaires wanted to give in because after a month they didn’t get what they wanted. It can take years and years to get where they are in life, hell even decades for some! Remember winners never quit and quitters never win, stop the negative talk and move forward with positive self-talk, your motivation life.

The Resources

The resource to obtaining the overall goal in whatever it is you want.resources

How would you feel after setting a goal and accomplishing that goal, but wait it’s not the overall goal it’s just a small goal to get to the bigger goal. Most people will feel ecstatic about accomplishing a goal and it will make them want to move on to the next goal and the next. It’s a tremendous feeling to complete a goal in life, do that for your business make small goals and stop looking at the overall goal. That’s where most people give up they do not see the small accomplishments they are making and quit early on. You need matches or some kind of accelerant to get the fire going right?

Reward Yourself

Let’s say you entered a contest and hmm there are no damn prizes for the winners, would you enter? I don’t think you would because it’s not worth it right? The same thing with doing what you want in life, that goal you set out for only to quit a month into it. You wasted all that time and you are now looking for that next big shiny thing to go after, but ask yourself this how many times have you done that already? Now do you see where I’m going with this, I sure hope so. After you’ve accomplished a small goal towards the larger goal give yourself a reward, maybe go out for some pizza or a steak. The bigger the goals accomplished the bigger your rewards become for yourself. That takes some self-discipline to do that though do you think you have that in your life right now after quitting? The best reward for you is reading and mastering the next goal.

Like-Minded People

You want to succeed you need to surround yourself with like-minded people that have the same objective as you. They can support and encourage you all the way, and that motivation will not go away. The people with the same beliefs and aspirations will be the positivity in your life and vice versa, you drive each other to not give up. On the other hand if you for some odd reason you’d rather not surround yourself the like-minded people and stay around the people who do not care or do not want you to succeed. Those people can trigger you into having negative thoughts and self-doubt about you are trying to accomplish, then again it can be a powerful motivation tool for others. Just a reminder those people that tell you it can not be done are just jealous of what you are trying to accomplish and they wish they had the guts to do it themselves. Don’s let them get you frustrated, and when you do succeed it’ll be okay to kinda rub it in their faces for a minute or two, then set another new goal for yourself and see if they join you.

Your Health

Well, you can’t drop dead now that you have some motivation going again right? Get up early and get a workouthealth in to get your heart pumping, blood circulating and that fresh oxygen in your brain. Once you get done with that you’ll have more motivation to do what is needed to be done during the day and you’ll feel great about it. Just a friendly reminder if you are just starting out consult a doctor first (see the first part of the sentence in this paragraph). Get to bed early because well you are going to start getting up early and if you do both it defeats the entire purpose dang it! You will not be thinking clearly and your tasks for the day will definitely take longer than usual. Don’t become sick because you thought you could continue working your full-time job and work your other goals part-time 24/7 it’s not worth it. Your Motivation Life – Let’s See You Take Control.




Self-Discipline = Self-Love

tired, working out

Benefits of discipline are you get things done. When you don’t develop the discipline to learn something new you’ll never reach that goal you are striving for. You can develop the skills and abilities to grow your business and if you do not nurture them they will never serve you the way you want them to.

Do you value yourself enough to get things done? When you feel your life deserves the self-discipline then start taking action for yourself and develop the habits that will let you grow and succeed in this business and in life. Practice self-discipline in everything you love in life! Don’t give 50% what wrong with you?

When you do this, again and again, you’ll develop a strong sense of happiness you’ll develop a self-love for yourself and you’ll want to reach out for your goals in life and they will seem easier than before! Have a feeling of confidence and you can do anything your mind and body will let you do in life! You need to tell you that it is possible because you will always be in control of your destiny.

You want Freedom, you want to quit that 9 to 5, you want more time with your family, you want to travel the world, you want you to want to go out and make it happen for yourself. Any fraction of self-discipline begins when you are young, you didn’t want to take a shower, you didn’t want to eat your veggies, you didn’t want to clean your room. It all started with a push from someone, mom dad grandma uncle whoever it was you learned it from you learned it. Now carry that on to everything else in life.

Discipline is not punishment, not in that way. This is in exchange for long-term self-respect. Love yourself.

Get Things Done

Getting Things Done

You can’t finish when you don’t get things done, get started now.

Where to Start

You need to get things done for your business but seem to be overwhelmed and do not know where to start. First things first write things down, even the most seasoned vet’s in any business will write down what needs to be done throughout the day, the week, the month and sometimes even the year. When you are just starting out, let’s just start you out for the day. It takes 3 minutes to do, not hard and make it one of the very first things you do in the morning. Writing things down you’ll be more focused on what’s needed to be done. Oh, and at the end of that write down your motivation, you are why you started this in the first place. Be SMART.

Now Relax

Take a moment to relax before you start on your affiliate project you’ll get things done when you are relaxed grab a cup of tea and get going. Meditation, working out or whatever it is that you do to relax try to do it before

Relax Meditation


jumping into your project. The less stress you have going on will benefit the time you put into affiliate business by being more productive. When you feel even a bit of stress or loss of motivation, take a break no need to push through just give yourself a break. Just Relax.

New Toys

Get yourself a new notepad to take some notes, a new mug for your desk those types of things usually give people a little more motivation to get things done. Ooh, maybe a new pen, yes I said pen I’m actually using mine tonight to take some notes for new idea’s as I write this. Get some things to help you get organized whether it be a new app to help you stay organized or your old school and need a new file cabinet or some folders, whatever can get you motivated to get things done. Splurge a Little.


Being proactive means you are making things happen, getting things done. Take some responsibility for your business after all you started it doesn’t turn around and give saying “it’s just to hard” don’t do that to your dream you can’t kill your dream because you are not motivated or not sure what to do next. Here is an affiliate program that has hundreds of thousands active users who help each other every day. Wealthy Affiliate will actually take you step by step on how to get things done in an efficient manner. I am giving you the tools to get you to have no excuses and start doing what needs to be done in your online business.

Now Stop

Yeah, I said stop, let me finish though. Stop messing around and Get Things Done seriously. This journey started because you wanted or still want something out of your business or just life itself. Did you lose your motivation to get things done, did you forget your why? You found this site for a reason and it’s supposed to be for some motivation. Tell me what your motivation is in life or what your work goals are what you’re passionate about. This brings me to the last part of the quote whatever is happening to you, can not be an excuse for not working to better yourself. You cannot fix you when you do not put any effort into you.

Write us a little blurb include your link to your business and get some exposure yourself here.

What Keeps You Motivated?

What keeps you motivated when you start out in affiliate marketing? A short guide to keep you thinking about your motivation, what is keeping you motivated?

Do What You Love

You do what you love and it will feel like you will never work a day in your life, we’ve all heard that before and it’s so true. When you do what you love you should have no problem staying motivated at all.

The first thing you should have done is picked a niche/market that you are familiar with, maybe a hobby you do after work or on the weekends. Make sure it’s something you have a strong interest in or have a passion for.

Do some research if you are unsure before jumping into something do not waste your valuable time and money getting into something you do not love. I believe this is the number one reason most people fail at internet marketing no passion in it to stay motivated for the long haul and easy for people to just give up when they are not making any money.

Picking a hobby or something your passionate about you’ll be able to create content with ease and you’ll know what you are talking about. The research will be a breeze for you and the website or blog will feel like fun not work.


Motivation will always be there when you set Specific, Manageable, Attainable, Realistic (goals) Timely (see what I did there).

I’m not messing around either building a website or landing page and then adding content is time-consuming and at times hard when you are unsure of what to do. In fact, just building a signing up for an affiliate program is sometimes difficult in itself.

Trust and believe you will not make $256,352 in the first six months like some programs promise, but it is possible to make something in the first month, just don’t get your hopes up.

Set small goals for yourself each day you are going to work on your program or system or whatever the case is and use SMART.

The first goal can be.

  • setup your website
  • sign-up and get approved for an affiliate program
  • write your first post and publish it
  • advertise
  • get indexed on Google
  • get listed someplace on page 1 (hopefully #1)

Next thing you know you’ll have that first sale and an even bigger sense of accomplishment motivating you even more than ever. Just remember not to spend that money you’ll most likely need to reinvest it.

Find Like Minded People

Yes, I’m telling you to find the competition they can be very supportive and helpful to you while you are starting your venture and you may even be grateful for it.

Find a Facebook group or a forum group online that you can bounce ideas off of and ask for some help when you need it. Affiliate marketing groups are plentiful, and you may even find people that live in the same city as you.

I personally meet up with a couple of people at Starbucks once a week they are not in the same niche as myself but we talk about SEO and advertising. I am also in a group called Wealthy Affiliate that most of my sites are build on. The community of people there are all helpful and no one is spamming you with all their offers like Facebook groups and affiliate forums you may find, it’s all genuine help from people that want you to succeed in your business.

The best like-minded people for support for you is your family and friends. Having a significant other, friend or child to help you along is the motivation all in its self and a great way for family and friends to bond or grow closer to each other most importantly you won’t give it up that easily.

Give Yourself a Break

When you feel like you are going to give up don’t! Take a step back and give yourself a break. Taking a step back go to the beach, go for a hike go and do whatever it is your passion is all about.

It’s so that you may even get another idea or remember something you missed that may have gotten you stuck in the first place. The best idea’s come when you are not even thinking about it or you may even be doing it when it hits, after all, it should be based off something you love right.?

Get up to do something else after you accomplished one your goals, go eat, take the dog for a walk ya know something preferably healthy. It clears your mind and you’ll be refreshed ready to tackle the next goal on your list.

Why You Do This Again?

You got into this for a reason I think we started with this but here are some reasons why people do;

  • No more 9 to 5 job
  • more money
  • go on vacation
  • new car
  • prepare for retirement

Some people have other reasons for doing this and this page is for motivation not just for other internet marketers but for all people who need a little inspiration and motivation in their life. So whether you got into affiliate marketing for a goal in life or the dream of making some big-time money how are you going to do it? Remind yourself each and every day of that goal and make it a constant reminder for yourself. Maybe getting into the store here and buying a poster, or notepad or a book, yes I just shamelessly plugged my own site, after all, I have my own goals and motivations for doing this.

Never be afraid to contact me if you have a story of your own motivation or lack thereof please feel free to send in here your story and yes with your link attached to your story maybe someone is looking for something you may be offering and that can be the start you may have been looking for.





My Motivation’s

This site is to help that newbie affiliate and the vet affiliate gather some motivation in life. I say life because doing affiliate marketing will give you a new lease on life, i.e. financial freedom, a laptop lifestyle, free time, family time etc. In here you’ll find some motivational stories, motivational books and items available for you to purchase. I also welcome you to send in a motivation story of your own to publish with your own affiliate link, backlinks create more visitors for yourself as well, we all love those.

My Story

My name is Jason and I’m a drug addict and alcoholic since the age of 13, drank my first beer and chased alcohol ever since, I’ve been clean and sober since September 28th, 2013 and now work as a drug and alcohol counselor. No, I’m not one of those people that went to rehab and wanted to become a counselor, in fact, I never really known what I have wanted to do with my life. Motivation is not really my thing to be honest with you, not until my mother got sick. My mom got diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in November 2016 and did not tell her kids until January 2017 after a damn funeral of all places and timing. My mom has always talked about wanting to go see the Northern Lights since as long as I could remember when Christmas time came around and the Coca-Cola commercials

Northern Lights Motivation

Attribution: Steve Hill

came on with Santa riding away into the Northern Lights I can still see it and hear my mom talk about it. The thing is I need to earn the needed funds to send my mom and dad to see the Northern Lights, this dream began a few months after that January day when the shock wore off my mother’s diagnosis. Life seemed like it finally had some meaning and unfortunately at my mother’s expense, work started to have meaning as well, helping other’s change their lives. Doing this the right way will assist me in providing my mom and dad their trip (GOD willing) and to help homeless addicts and alcoholics find their own motivation in life.

My Hope and Goals

I would love for all types of internet marketers or for that matter anyone that needs some motivation to come here and see a quote or a saying that they can purchase may it be a coffee mug a notebook or just a couple of readings from myself or others. As I said above with your support in sharing your own stories here as well giving other affiliates some motivation when they are down about their marketing efforts or just down in life, in general, I would hope this site can provide some encouragement to someone someplace at some point in their life. The goal is obvious help others gain motivation or inspiration whether to make some money for your own personal aspirations in life, to gain the financial freedom to quit that 9 to 5 job or spending more time with family. Open to whoever needs and wants some inspiration in life, motivation to get life going again to find their own “Why” in life. “The two most important days in life are the day you born and the day you discover the reason why.” Go find yours and just remember success is made by you and you alone, never let anyone tell you it can not be done their just jealous of you even trying.


When you enter the world of internet marketing you began by being drawn in by the joy of the person recruiting you into a business or you yourself have had the joy and anticipation of getting started in your business. Joy is what is needed to be optimistic in life, tell me have you ever seen an optimist without joy in life? I see all the newbies having all the joy at the beginning of IM keep the optimism in this line of work.

Be grateful you are in the position you are in right now to be able to have different opportunities that life has offered you. Thank the team members under you if you are a veteran of IM they have gotten you this far and they will appreciate a “thank you” every once in a while, maybe even provide them with some incentive to keep them going. After all, you were once full of joy.

Being optimistic you’d always expect the good to happen, you expect to win when you lose, you see a learning experience in it always looking for the good in things. Keeping the optimistic mindset you are all but guaranteed success in anything you do and your life will be happier. The positivity you have will have an impact on those around you, keep it going, smile more it’s contagious!Jason and his babies

Please share this site with anyone who may be down-and-out in their marketing business efforts or life in general. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will be more than happy to help.

All the best,

Jason Ramirez